Securom bwa backup install/play questions

After looking around here, I found that some drives refuse to work with bwa securom clones. Is that correct?

Here’s my problem: I have used an oem cdrw that came with my comp for the last couple of years, and it worked fine burning and playing bwa backups. The drive shows up as _NEC NR7900A.

Right now, this drive is on the verge of dying, and I tried to install a couple of games from another drive I have. It’s an old 4x4x24 HP cdrw drive. The install failed miserably due to read errors. When I installed from the dying drive, the game launched OK from it (after i reinserted the cd a couple of times), but not from the HP drive. An even older Sanyo drive didn’t work either.

My question is whether this behaviour is normal for older drives, and which models I should watch out for when looking for a replacement? From what I gathered, a Liteon is inexpensive and doesn’t reject bwa backups. I’d rather not get a new drive just to find out that some burned discs are useless on it.

Thank you.

It could be that way with older drives, but not always. Could depend on other things also. The oldest CD-ROM I have goes 40x and is only 4 years old. It installs and runs perfectly fine on them, but that’s not very old. I think the biggest factor would be whether it could read weak sectors, because my friend has a new drive that doesn’t read weak sectors and he can’t install backups of Securom with it. The older drives you are talking about may be this way, if you specified what they are I could confirm this. I couldn’t find any info on the one you listed, perhaps you could list them by there product name.