Securom as software update?


I have a strange problem:
I used the emulation to copy a warcraft 3 frozen throne cd which has securom 4.8 (i think…). works perfectly!
Today connecting to battlenet i received the brandnew balancepatch 1.13.
After that my cd would not start anymore:

“conflict with disk emulator software.
see for details”

so the software game patch seems to enhance securom in a way that it won’t use the alcohol emulation properly anymore…

and: no! its not windows - the original still works…!

any ideas how to fix it again?
no head to head battle with my brother anymore on mini-lan… sad…

any help is appreciated!

i found this piece of information:

anyone any ideas whether this is the new frozen throne protection?

and how to get around it?


Tell your brother to buy his own copy. :cop:

no! i’ll get one for christmas for him.

and still: - the securom thing will have to be solved… otherwise the most impressive feature of alcohol is useless!

Wait for next alc/dtools update.

Sadly, 'tis like a dog chasing it’s own tail.

I work at a gamecenter and daemon tools was a huge help in being able to keep many games installed and easily playable without physically having to lend out CDs to customers, and hope they actually return them to us. This technology isnt just for pirates.

A dtools update should be out before year’s end.

Thanks a lot, Andareed. It’s a really good gift from you to enjoy in Christmas. :smiley: