Securom ALT = which securom option?

I scanned the game OUTCAST with ClonyXXL which reported Securom ALT copy protection. Well, Alcohol software only offers Securom, Securom New, and Securom 4.x/5.x. So which option does Securom ALT fall under? Please help. Thanks.

ALT is german and means “old”

So it is Securom 1 or 2, but i’m sure that it means 1 :wink:

And according to some websites Outcast has Laserlok, which version/language do you have?

Alcohol’s Option for SecuROM ALT(old as g3ri mentioned) is just SecuROM.

Good Luck!

I scanned the game OUTCAST with ClonyXXL
You need to get yourself Aray scanner, unfortunately clony xxl is no longer being updated.

Where can I download Aray scanner.

Maybe it’s helpfull to download CD Freaks Offline Help Guide made by $CyBeRwIz$. Find it here