Securom & "act of war" question



hey, i got my hands on a copy of act of war. the retail isn’t a DVD9.

Usually i just load up alcohol 120%, pop in the cd and select the protection type and copy it but it doesn’t seem to let me select a protection type with a dvd?..anyone know another program i can use or a way around it? thanks :bow:


i also would like to know how to backup the game with protection with this dvd. its only 4.2gigs. so it fits just fine on a dvd-5


i tried using the secur 7x tutorial but it seems the arayscanner doesn’t like my image file size of the dvd.


You cannot twin peak a DVD image.
Twin sectors only work for CD’s.
The only way to copy a SecuROM DVD is using Emulation. Just rip with A120% abd extract DPM info and burn with RMPS enabled.