Securom 7000 error



Hello all folks,

4 days ago i tried a no-cd fixed file for one of my licensed retail game. Through process, i tried a program named Virtual Cd Hide to bypass the securom cd check. Didnt work, so i gave up.

Anyways, after hours, i tried to start my Direct2Drive version Bioshock 2 gave me securom error 7000 and it says : “You used a virtual drive hiding emulation and it couldnt shut itself” etc. well now i just cant start my once-working another game.

Emailed the Securom staff, plus, did everything what i found in google, nothing worked. Securom staff wrote me that i should reinstall the virtual cd hide and disable it, didnt work too. My system x64 Win7, maybe problem starts here.

Do you have any recommendations? How can i undo the changes that virtual cd hide did?



please try this tool:
Adjust the cfg file if needed, run CureREG.exe as Admin and retry to start Bioshock after a reboot.


Mate… Im just, speechless… I’ve been out of hope for days, i tried several forums and people, everybody was talking negative and i was nearly up to formatting my hd if this forum turned out to be negative too. You came in and shined upon my pc with your magical software :slight_smile:

I cant thank you enough, i mean, really… God bless you mate, have a nice and smooth life…


Just in case i gave the impression the tool was made by me:
it was created by sYk0 (CureROM, YASU/ACID), so let’s thank him together :wink:


I have the same problem but I just cant download the tool you posted… It seems your link is broken…


Here you are :slight_smile: (176 KB)


I sincerely hope this file still exists and will rid me of this lousy securom 7000 error I’ve been plagued with!


The link in post #2 doesn’t work anymore, but the attachement in post #6 is still available.


I have the same problem happening when I try to play Arkham City, hopefully this works


I got the same problem here


You’ve already tried the CureREG Tool ?


same problem with fable 3. hope it works.


woot it works

:eek: thank you all


Going to have to see if this works for me, securom is suddenly messing with me.

Nothing else seems to work, so here goes…


I’ve got the same problem and it seems to extend even to older titles like Rome Total War and Star Wars Battlefront II.

I’ll give the tool a try and see if it works for me.


it help me too :slight_smile:


same problem here…

I got an error message after running CureREG.exe.
Exception ENTException in module CureREG.exe at 0005FEA9

What can I do now…??


Which OS ?
Are you running the CureREG.exe as Admin ?


thanks this really helped.


Please,help me.
GTA IV. i bought it in Steam. Securom (7000)

I want to play GTA IV so much,thank you.