SecuROM 7.x & Alcohol 120% V1.9.6

Just letting you guys know that Alcohol version 1.9 will not create a workable backup of SecuROM 7.x protected games. If anyone thinks otherwise, let me know. If you want proof, try to backup Neverwinter Nights 2. I tried a few things, including following the guide posted by philamber, to no avail. I own the legal copy of the game, and I take good care of my stuff, so it’s no big deal. I just LOVE tinkering with stuff though, which is why I tried to back it up. If anyone thinks they can make a workable backup (ie. when you put the burned DVD in, it doesn’t say unable to authenticate the disc), please enlighten me.

More info please. Is the game on a cd or dvd? Which precise version of securom is used? (Scan with Protection ID and let us know.) What drives do you have (and for that matter, which of my various tutes did you follow)?

[And, btw, I’ve never had any particular difficulty in making a working back-up copy of securom 7 games.)

I am also having trouble.
Alcohol Version:1.9.6 ( Build 4719 ) (Trial Version)
When I copy to the computer it appears to take; however, when I try to run a-ray twinpeaks on the copy it says that the size is wrong and refuses to run.

Thanks for your help.


i just finished this guide maybe it solves your problem.


you used this guide?

Hey thanks for the reply. I haven’t tried your first method of backup described in the guide, Kalas, but I will later tonight. I’ll post back here if it works for me. The second method (philaber’s) 100% doesn’t work for me. I tried using A-Ray twinpeaks on it, as well. It says it’s an uneven number, or something to that effect.
I am trying to backup a SecuROM protected game. DVD version.
I am using a Plextor PX-716A drive with the latest firmware.
Alcohol 120% version 1.9.6
Again, I own the original DVD copy, so if I can’t get it working, whatever, but it’s kind of fun, you know.

Let me know if the first method works for you and if you have anything to add, correct, critics for the guide. Thanks in advance.

That method is for cds only.

Works like a charm, Kalas. Thanks for the input.

Wait, wait - I spoke too soon. The original Neverwinter Nights works fine, but not the second. I haven’t looked into it yet, but I get an faulting module error and it crashes. This happens while it is first loading. The error blames a memory address, so it can be anything. I’m going start by re-ripping the image at a slower DPM speed (I used 10x). Has this happened to anyone before?

Okay, the crashing was because I was trying to play a patched version of the game using the image that was not patched. So I reinstalled and didn’t patch, but I am getting the good ol’ can’t authenticate timeout message. Continually retrying only causes it to give me the unable to authenticate message. So, it ain’t happenin’ Thanks for the help, but I’ll just stick to my original.

You mean you updated the game to a higher version? The image will always be the same like your original DVD in this case.

Maybe your image is bad, did you try to recreate it using different speed?

p.s. Can you attach your mds file so we can take a look at it. It’s in the folder where you saved your image there’s a mdf and mds file.

Yeah, I updated it to version 1.03 (from 1.01). It kept crashing whenever I tried to load the updated version. I did re-rip it, using 1x DPM speed. So that result is the image files I have now. I’ll zip them and upload tomorrow. Thanks for the help. But, you guys are doing this for your own curiosity now, as far as I’m concerned. I’m just gonna stick with the disc.

Just the mds file malonn, I saw I made a typo in my post which I just corrected, it’s less than 100kb. As I mentioned before I think you got a bad image. Create the image again use max speed for DPM and precision high (according to Alcohol support forum this gives you the best result for DVDs). Don’t touch your PC while dumping the DPM and the image, close all unnecessary processes.

Here’s the MDS file. I’m going to wait and see what you say before I re-rip the game image. (29.1 KB)

Your MDS file is bad so it can’t work. You should to recreate your image try using the steps I mentioned in post #13. Post your new MDS file again when it’s done.

Okay, here is the MDS file, ripped at max DPM speed. Thanks for the help. Seriously. But, if I can say - if you really don’t want to deal with using the discs for your game, try Game Jackal. It’s not as fun to toy with, but it works, guaranteed.

This one looks good for a SecuROM protected DVD. You can see the difference in the screenshots. First one is the bad one, second one is your new one. The tool for viewing MDS files is called [I]MDS-Viewer V1.0 - © 2006 DT Soft Ltd[/I] can be found here.