Securom 7 problems

Hi guys,

I tried to backups of Stronghold2 euro version and Motogp3 with my premium obtaining strange results: it seems there’s something new in Securom (that doesn’t work too well :iagree: )

Motogp 3 original sometimes doesn’t work on Premium, backup never works in ultraplex (SFN activated), and sometimes doesn’t works in Premium; no problem on Pioneer Dvd A08 and Toshiba sdc 2502

Stronghold 1.0 works everywhere, but after updating to 1.3.1 doesn’t work in Premium and in Ultraplex… goes on working in A08 and Toshiba (1.3.1 is, original is but… the game is April 2005, motogp is August and is (very strange).

I used BW 4.5.7, bwa file is good.

Anyone else has problems?
Any suggest?