The must be some way of doing this

common people. there must be a way

Come on I am dying to play this game my original wont load due to a scratch so I really need this.

Wiggyuk, the game was only released today so if you have a scratched original, go return it for an exchange, as you downloaded it TOUGH

Why not take it back to shop and get it replaced :bigsmile:

Here in the US, stores won’t let you bring back software unless it was DOA out of the box.

I don’t know where wiggy lives, but if he lives here, he wouldn’t be able to take it back if it was his fault for the damage.

Say yes when asked if you want to burn the BWA Physical information

I never get asked this when burning the game, anyone know why?


Same here dudes. I never got that message. Used 5 discs already trying to burn. Please help!

Originally Posted by rickd
Ive tried one method thats on this forum using a-ray scanner and alcohol 120% but when i try to copy the game alcohol 120% says wrong mode select and wont let me copy. If anyone knows where im going worng, ill be very grateful.

When it says wrong mode select, switch the datatype setting from Securom New 4.x/5.x to Securom New.

I’ve tried to this(changing the data type to securom *new)and it has failed! I’m going to try other ways to manage to copy it.oh by the way I’ve also tried with clone cd, and no way!

Im having the same problem when i use the method using a- Ray and alcohol it manages to burn the cd but then sayz the D drive is not fuctional or inaccesible

i tried using the nfo file and it doesnt work. the only way it will work is for someone to make a crack for it.

i have downloaded the image file and it contained 3 files the nfo file and the cm5.bwi and cm5.bwt file nothing more i tried ot mount it on daemon and alcohol with the rmps on and i tried burning it like in the nfo file and on blank cd on blank rw cd and i tried with 2 copies and the same time and with the new version of blindwrite and the version in the nfo file and still i cant any1 know any way to burn it succesfull? and i will buy the whole game anyway just the game here where i live still didnt get shiped but it will b n a month but i cant wait anyway.

the answer lies in the bwa file!
I have succesfully burnt this game with a plex prem.
and an nec dvdrw 2510a
the physical media is the key
method used was dao pw 12x
used blindwrite and YES i was prompted about including the bwa if you dont get this the disk is a coaster, try using bw5 tweaker to include the bwa file.
Happy gaming.
As far as im aware this seems to apply to all securom 7 games.
A file is generated containing digital keys during install
the digital key is on the physical media of the disk

Any 1 know where i can get this program … Blindwrite
I cant find it any were?

can anybody please post where i can get the BWA file for championship manager 2005?

There are a few members posting in this thread that obviously have not read the forum rules, I fear it wont be too much longer before someone gets poked with the banning stick.

Whether or not you intent to buy the game is irrevant, just because the game is not currently available where you are does not mean you should resort to piracy.

NFO files most commonly come from downloaded games/programs etc, so if you want to play the game go buy it. And we certainly dont want to know about cracks.

Delete your rubbish warez and go buy the game, then make your own BWA.

A link to the forum rules is in my sig, please take the time to read them.

I’ve got the same problem :(. :sad: Please somen help :slight_smile:

for all you guys waiting to play the game i finally arrenged a way to get to play this game.
to start i’ve burned the image into a cdrom with BlindWrite, with the options told on the info file,then i’ve downloaded daemon tools in the page
i’ve instaled it,rebooted,then an icon should appear in the tray,choose in the box emulation and then securom(option used to crack the protection) and afterwards mount the image start to play use the virtual drive that deamon creates with the image mounted.NOTE THAT YOU SHOULD HAVE THE CD YOU HAVE RECORDED IN THE CD-ROM! but to play use the virtual drive with the image,choose autoplay in the image and it should work.

At least it worked on me

sorry about the english
ps:in case there are any doubts say anything
good playing

so did anyone tried it
i wanna know if it works with anybody else :bow:

i tried it and it ant worked