CM5 readme file. Will securom 7 works as similar as STARFORCE 3??

The file securom_v7_00.dat will be created, during the installation/Launching of Championship Manager 5, within your Application Data folder.
It is necessary for Championship Manager 5 to run properly.
The file contains your licences for all products which are SecuROM protected, therefore it will not be deleted automatically.
Please do not delete the file because you might lose essential digital rights.

The information contained in securom_v7_00.dat will not be transferred to any other computer without your permission.

This security system is connected with a MS Windows Service called “SecuROM User Access Service”.
This module is started automatically when launching Championship Manager 5 if the user is logged in with Windows administrator rights.
In case users do not have administrator rights we recommend to keep it running.

Securom 7 can be copied successfully with either the twinpeak method or using alcohol’s RMPS emulation. :slight_smile: Don’t know whether the blindwrite/plex premium method works too but the odds are that it still does.

Does anyone know if the Plextor Premium method still works? Can they post results, if it does or doesnt? Thanks.
Check the post of uzrname
Constantine has Securom 7 :iagree:

Im having trouble trying to run championship mannager 5. It keeps saying that the original disc cannot be authenticated. Im wondering if anyone knows how to copy a securom 7 game?? Ive tried one method thats on this forum using a-ray scanner and alcohol 120% but when i try to copy the game alcohol 120% says wrong mode select and wont let me copy. If anyone knows where im going worng, ill be very grateful.

When it says wrong mode select, switch the datatype setting from Securom New 4.x/5.x to Securom New.

I am also having the same problem. i burned the image file according to what the NFO file said… which is:-

Install Notes (Please follow these instructions IN ORDER)

   1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent
   2. Burn using BlindWrite for best results uncheck 
      'Autoplay support' and 'Enhance weak sectors' in BlindWrite
      Config menu, verify image, burn DAO+PW at 10-12x and click
      'YES' when asked if you want to burn the BWA Physical information.
   3. Install.
   4. Play!

and i have also tryed burning using the Securom*NEW method on alcohol.

nothing seems to be working, i get an error message tell me the disc is not original or is not authorised.

No you’re not.

Your problem is that you are trying (but failing) to make an illegal copy from a downloaded image.

Buy the game! :cop:

Has anyone been able to make a working backup of this game yet

i did,

i have yamaha crw3200e (1.0d) on my old pc (p3, 600mhz, w2k sp4) and as described in the instructions i first installed blindwrite on it. afterwards burned the image on a noname cdrw (magic). but because this cd contained only the topology but not data i burned on a second cdrw the data (without bwa). i burned with dao+pw and 10xspeed.

after i installed cm5 with the “data” cd i put in the cd with the topology in the drive and started the game. the cursor turned into cd icon for 5-10 seconds and the drive was reading something on the cd. cm5 started and worked without any problems. unfortunately i wasnt able to really play because of the low capacity of pc.

but now comes the interesting part. this morning i took both cd’s, installed cm5 on my pc (amd athlon64 2800+ @ 1.8 ghz, 512 mb ddr 400mhz, epox 8kda3i mb, 80 gb sata seagate hdd, tornado gforce fx5200 128mb, w2k sp4, directx 9c). as a disc drive i have lg gsa-4163b (a103). the installation went without a problem but cm5 didn’t start (crashes with a error message after 3 seconds). i went on to burn the image (with bwa) blindwrite on a blank cdr with the lg but again cm5 wont start. i cant understand this.

maybe it has something to do with alcohol and daemon tools which are installed on my pc but not on the old. i dont know.

So if you was to uninstall all emulation software you would be able to make a working backup

Copying Securom 4.8x/5.x/7.x CDs with Alcohol and A-Ray Scanner. Does this method work with championship manager 5

nah the alcohol/a ray scanner method hasnt worked for me. ive done all the steps upto burning the cd with alcohol and it says “error wrong mode select”. im not sure what to do.

Copying Securom 4.8x/5.x/7.x CDs with Alcohol and A-Ray Scanner. I tried this and it didnt work

Does this securom 7 protection mean that there will be no cracks???

Someone must of done a working backup of this game come on guys the must be a way

Doesnt anyone have a no cd crack for this game then we wouldnt need a working backup, I am just dying to play this game.

wiggyuk as soon as i find out a method for cm5 ill post it on here definately. It’s weird how the instructions given dont work.

hey , i read this post and saw it was causing problems , so i thought id have a go and ive got it working , heres instructions…

[Instructions for using illegally downloaded files deleted. … philamber]

Jobs a good 'en

Enjoy , please post feedback

From the tutorial-

  1. At the next screen a pop-up will appear telling you that there is no RMPS info in the source and that you can’t make a copy using this datatype (i.e. Securom *New (4.x/5.x). Just click OK and then set the datatype to Securom *New.

Doesnt anyone have a no cd crack for this game then we wouldnt need a working backup, I am just dying to play this game.

@ wiggyuk

Cracks are illegal and you are not permitted to request them on this forum. :cop:

In any case, if you own the original, you can always play the game by using that. If you don’t have an original, you’re not entitled to use the program anyway.