Securom (Desperate Housewives The Game)


I would like to know if anyone has any clue about if I have any chance of success copying The Desperate Housewives game. I scanned it with A-Ray Scannner the resul is that is protected with Securom

I don’t mind to either copy it or being able to run it from a virtual drive; my copy is legittimate, but me and my partner are both avid gamers and would like to be able to play it from different computers at the same time, seen that both play several hours per day.

I have both trial versions of Alcohol 120% and CloneCD5. I am having difficulties finding how to find the driver settings of CloneCD5. The manual talks about right clicking the driver, but that didn’t bring up any of the options that it said.

Anyhow, my writer is SONY DVD RW DW-U10 A.

mini image and yasu 1.04 should work to play the game.
btw, the protection is SecuROM 7.27.0012.
scan with Protection ID it does a better job in detecting the recent prots.