SecuROM The Regiment

Hey, i have a problem with bypassing SecuROM
It’s an image made with DVD-Clone, the game is the regiment (Konami)
I tried several things already, but nothing worked. i tried CureRom, SR7 stop.

i have little experience with this, because normally i don’t have any problems with mounting an image in alcohol or daemon.

Some help would be great, i already read a lot of forums, but i think i lost track :confused:

anybody had the same problem?

thanks for your help already :slight_smile:

Try again with a fresh image of your original cd/dvd made with alcohol.

Tnx, i’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

I made a new image with alcohol, but now i get this error: A required security module can not be activated.
This program can not be executed (7000).
the same with daemontools.

What settings did you use to make the image?