SecuROM 5x

hey guy’s just been reading up on some of the posts to do with SecuROM Safedisk and LG wrighter’s

iv got 3 game here iv tested and there working perfictelly no problems at all

Chrome (OBI) (2 CD’s)

Using SecuROM

Chrome Patched to Version

Using SecuROM copy protection

Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow (OBI) (4 CD’s)

Using SafeDisc 3.20.022 Copy Protection

Counter Strike - Condition Zero (OBI)

Using SecuROM Copy Protection

CD’s Backed Up With Blind Wright 5.10

(also iv had that problem where lover versions e.g 4x n lower wont work when BW5 is installed)

Im Using Daemon Tool’s Version 2.4.6
Emulation : none (works both games) - SafeDisk (works both games) - SecuRom (Works both games)
CD Crack : none
Backup CD Patches : none

The Games Work With Out A Glitch

Iv Also Burnt Both Games using an LG CD/WR And They Run Perfict.

( Will Update Post WIth Splintercell - Pandora Tomorrow upgrade ! )

Thats great to hear, but how will this help other users?

By ‘Emulation: None’ do you mean to say that you uninstalled blindwrite too?