SecuROM 5 released

Credits to cdmediaworld

SecuROM v5.00.01

Sony DADC has just finished their development on SecuROM v5 which will have a protection against emulation software:
Today our development team will release version 5.00.01 of the SecuROM. encryption software. The main upgrade is a new protection shield against virtual drive emulation. As you are probably aware, emulators are useful tools for making back-up copies of legally purchased original discs. Nevertheless, they can also be used to illegally use your software by emulating a disc copy or a virtual drive.
With this new version, SecuROM stays ahead of the competition with a brand new anti-emulator shield that defeats emulation software such as: Alcohol 120%, BlindWrite, Daemon Tools, GameJack & CloneCD.

Another new feature is the addition of two new error message types that appear if SecuROM detects that your application has been started without your original disc. These messages are:

"Conflict with Disc Emulator Software detected
Link: h_p://
"Please insert the original disc instead of a backup.
The default wording of “Wrong Disc inserted” has been changed to: "Wrong Disc inserted. Please insert the original disc into your CD/DVD drive.

This was posted on the CDFreaks news page on the 2 December, see Here

DuesEx patch v1.1 has it already :slight_smile:

also can anyone correct the subject:SecuROM 5 “relased”.
and i hope that a program can pass this protection.

Securom 5 will be defeated by next alcohol and dtools updates :slight_smile:

thnx,much better to view.
and thnx too andareed.
i hope so.