Securom 5 Emulator


I was searching for a Securom 5 emulator, and came across one of the best out there, or at least it looks good.

Im still waiting for my beta request to be accepted, get a move on ‘EmuSkate’ team!


Mmh, such a complex thing as an emulator written in Visual Basic? Looks a bit strange to me… but perhaps I’m just to negative today :wink: Would be great if it’s real :slight_smile:

Theyve said that they are not accepting BETA requests until 0.6 in june.


I’m sorry, but that looks like a joke.

but we’ll see in 2 months.

Hi i am trying GameJackel as a Beta Tester At the moment it still fails on Securom 5 and Starforce, however the developers are hoping there next major beta will work with these protections. I am using it on my laptop to run games instead of alcohol or Deamon tools as it does not need a full image size to run. For example i have five games and the profile size is 13mb, against 3,403mb in alcohol MDS FILES. No blacklisting issues at the moment either.
Might be worth looking at. I might add i have no connection with this company other than trying out a beta release and been very impresed with it.

I sure hope this isnt a joke, it looks pretty good. Their navigation is crap on their website!

What about emuskate ? should be released at middle of july…we are now end of july.

Well, this looks very fake to me. If it really comes out, then I bet $1 that it’s going to be an expensive VisualBasic crap “all in one” GUI for CLONE CD/Alcohol.

“Create your own protected CD With SecuROM 5 or SafeDisc 3”…yeah right…

Nothing has changed on that site since Merther02 first posted it, I have emailed them numerous times and not once have they responded.

hi portmac, why do people need a emulator for securom 5, clonecd, twinkpeak and a bwa form portmac :wink: will do a emulation free job, and as securom does not have cd-checks you dont need to use “hide cd-r media” type software like blindwrite or clonecd.
who needs this tool? and i find it hard to beleve that you can make a securom 5 or safedisk 3 disk since looking at the safedisk and sedcurom sites it said they have to be made using a special burner to have the protection. ben :slight_smile:

oh… portmac your site rocks, and scambaiting sounds fun…

Not everyone is going to be able to make an emulation free backup, so we have emulation. Also if you only have a CD/DVD writer then you are going to need something to hide the ATIP, using emulation normally takes care of that.

and as securom does not have cd-checks you dont need to use “hide cd-r media” type software like blindwrite or clonecd.

SecuRom does include an ATIP check, if you are running the backups from a CD/DVD-Rom then there is no need to have any ATIP blocking software running. There are some SecuRom titles that do not have an ATIP check, however they are few in number.

oh… portmac your site rocks, and scambaiting sounds fun…
Glad you like it :slight_smile:

sorry securom 4.8x DOES include ATIP chick, but securom 5 doesnt (well it worked in my burner without emulation or any copying programs installed). and i thionk anybody with a 2 sheep burner or more +twinpeak can copy securom 4.8/5

i think emulation really should be a last resort if 1:1 is in no way possible, oh i read somewhere that that twinkpeak method copys are not 1:1, i cant see any change in filesizes (i compared origanal and copy) so it does not modify files in any way (plus i think thats illegal :cop:) is this true that they are not 1:1? if so what is the differnce between the copy/original apart from emulation? :slight_smile: thanks, ben