Securom (Dora the Explorer)


I have an image file .ISO.

I have burned this image with NERO 6.

I have found, using A-Ray, that this CD is protected by SECUROM5.03.06.0040.

On the computer, I have installed the last available version of Daemon Tool.

I have enable the SECUROM of Daemon Tool.

However, I still have the :a message “Please Insert the CD-ROM” !!!

I am out of idea. I have read the offline guide.

Do you have any ideas to help me ?



.iso is not a good format for protected games. I would suggest downloading Alcohol 120% to make an image and burn to disc using default securom 4x/5x datatype. Then enabling ‘RMPS’, ‘Sub channel data and fixed’, and ‘ignore media type’ emulations.

Or the twinpeaks method?