I have a cd which is protected by securom
if i just copy the cd with alcohol, an error message “please do not insert a backup disc, insert the original disc.” will come out.
Then i just followed the steps in the post titled "Copying Securom 4.8x/5.x/7.x CDs with Alcohol and A-Ray Scanner " in “CD Backup Guides and Tutorials”.
The backup disc still doesn’t work but this time a different message comes out “the program cannot regconize the disc as an original one. please make sure you have insert the right disc”.
So, what can i do ??


Hi ericlai and welcome to the forums,

Firstly its good to see someone reading a guide before posting :).

What CD/DVD unit are you using to read/write this game?
Do you have the latest version of Alcohol 120% (1.9.2)?