First of all, i should tell u that this is first time to be here with u, and im really impressed with such great deal of information about CD World.

Simply. my backup image of original CD which is protected with SecuROM does nt work.

Daemon tools, Alcohol 120, Fantom CD, and other emulation tools did nt succeed with me … Considering that I got involved in more than twenty tricks in related to registry and other stuff :a … i have been trying for three days and nothing to be done except to be here with u :sad: .

My hope is that find somebody tell me how to make my backup image amount and work directly from my hard disk considering this kind of protection SecuROM

I hope to find a certain simple solution for this dilemma, because I actually feel that I’m frustrated. :iagree:

Thank You in advance for ur efforts. :flower:

First make a back up copy useing Alcohol 120% data type 4.x/5.x and when playing the game use demon tools to emulate it this will work.

Hey pal … Do nt u think that i tried that b4 many times and in different ways!!

my image is okay … im sure of that … just looking for a certain solution.
I’m waiting…

The only thing I can think of is that the copyprotection is stopping you from making a good image.

I have made many back up copys of secuROM 5 cd’s with NO problems, it must be your cd-rw mate!

no mate … im sure of that image i made on my hard drive … so anybody else can suggest something in specific to do with this dilemma!!!

i hope to get a sugesstion to enable me amount this image and make it work from my hard disk.

thanks mates.

Sorry sport but if your image file of a securom 5.x cd/dvd won’t run when mounted on an alcohol/daemon tools virtual drive then unless you’ve run into some blacklisting problem (perhaps an old version of CloneCD) your image is bad. [If the image is good, there is no need to mess with your registry or do anything more than mount the image if you’re using the latest versions of alcohol and/or daemon tools.]

Make a fresh image of your original cd/dvd and try again.

thanks mate … is there any new sugestion there !!!

Just make a new image from your original CD as others have suggested many times already.

thanks for help