Securom 4.x/5.x on RW's

Can i burn Securom-games with Plex Premium and BW5.1.10.136 (autosettings) on Rewrite-CD’s ???

I tested it with Hidden&Dangerous 2 (Secu 4.8x) and no success.

The Varirate technique (BW + Plex Premium) does not work on CD-RW media, you need to use CD-R’s.

Have a bit of a gander here for more info.

Many thanks for this fast reply.

perfect service. :wink:

Good Luck!

Its worked with cd-r perfectly.

The Plex Prem with BW 5.x burns Securom without problems and without emulations (only for play in cd-burners bw-autoplay must be installed).

CloneCD’s Hide CDR Media and Alcohol’s Ignore Media type can also be used for this porpose.:slight_smile:

Then why not just include BlindWrites Autoplay, that would be the logical thing to do instaed of installing another program.

Other computers may have this software installed, and I was just pointing it out.

And if Alc or Clone is not installed and you write with Auotplay it would be easier to use the Autoplay Filter

Of Course:)