Securom 4 depends on reader?

If I use my liteon 24102B to read and write the original ut 2003 cds I always get a bad burn.

The cd is totally useless (lucking im using cd rw), it barely registers in the drive and won’t even install. However, if I use my new liteon 165h dvd drive to read the original using the same settings it’s ok (the copy works during installation but still wont let the game load).

This is a strange problem, because if I mount the images made with my writer in daemon tools they work fine…

Is anyone explain this, I though the liteon 24102B would have no trouble reading it… I’ve used nero and clonecd with the same result.

currently the newest version of Securom 4 in uncopyable

I know that, but when I image the cd with my writer the copy it burns doesnt work at all where as if I use my dvd drive to read the cd first the copy works.

It sounds as if the install program checks for ATIP. Enable Hide CD-R Media and try it again in your writer.

nope wont even read in a dos environment…