SecuRom 4.8x

I have read many post about this protection scheme. It seems that there is some confusion about which drives are better at reading this latest signature. If it plays in the drive, then the drive does not have any hardware limitation reguarding the verification of the signature. Yes, it can read it just fine. The problem is making a correct image of it. The software in use today makes some assumptions about its structure even though it is a RAW image. The software doesn’t know what it’s reading, it just reads it and stores it in memory. There are things that can be missed in the read process simply because the software was not looking for it. You may get an image thats good and you may not. After all that, it has to be written to media which makes more assumptions and my have some hardware issues because of the way the software access the hardware.

The point of all this is your reader is not the problem if the game plays. The software just doesn’t know what to look for to make an accurate image. A good example of this is the Tages protection. The software assumes the sector headers are consecutive and unique, where they are not. If anyone remembers Apple II computers, steller 7 was protected with something like Tages. It had two sectors in each track that had the same address header, but with different data. It was no problem to copy with the bit copiers of that time (Copy II Plus or Locksmith).

We need more powerful software to deal with some of these protections, but as long as we are using different hardware to write it to media than the commercial vendors, we will always be faced with some hardware issues (Example: ATIP check).