Securom 4.8X with some problem

I’m burned my CD

Title is Delta Force - Black Hawk Down

Used the released BWA files.

My Teac CD-540E(CD-ROM) is can’t read

But my recorder is succed reading without Blindwrite’s emulation

somebody know??

please… help me…:confused:

Install from your Lite-on cdrw. Run it from there too if it won’t run from your cd-rom.


I’m using now my Lite-on CD-RW with install

but my Teac 540E is can’t read.

BWA is not correct ??

what’s the problem?

Not all drives can cope with the twinsectors. Apparently your cd rom is one of them.

Oh… twinpeak is not perfectly…

So I’m sad…

My reader is sux… T_T

I wanna Plextor 54X :bigsmile:

I have the same problem with Blackhawk Down. But the thing is my CD-ROM will read NOLF 2, UT 2003 and Hitman 2 with no problems. So it just twists my knob that 1 out of 4 wont work. And I dont go for my ROM wont handle twin sectors, if that were the case, the all af the above 3 mentioned titles should not work. Also, why does ALL burners I have tried Play and Install the copy of DFBHD? And I have NO emulation runnig of any sort.