Securom 4.8x: by the way

you can copy with twinpeak and blindwrite 4.2.1?
you can play with the copy in the drive?

can you INSTALL off the copy?

I can’t

Hitman 2 works as cd-check and install source, but ut2k3 won’t install (cd-check works, though). Can only install from CCD copy (but not play with that one in the drive)

same with rollercoaster tycoon 2.

that’s the end of my list

reader & writer brand and model?

yeah i made a post about this also but no one seemed to notice it. a friend of mine who bought hitman2 couldnt get it to isntall even tho it checks correctly, and nolf2 bwaed gives me crc errors during install :frowning:

i burned nolf2 with a plextor 24x10x40 A version

have yet to try ut2k3 install tho, but will do more testing on it later

burner tosh sd-r1202
reader same
reader: mds from daemon website
reader: teac 40x cd-rom
reader: liteon 48x
writer: liteon 48x
os: w98se & wxp

all same

did you use twinpeaks as well as the blindwrite physical characteristic thing?

GUYS the FACT IS that NOT ALL TEH DRIVES can handle cds with TWIN sectors! THAT’s ALL! But maybe someone forgot it…
For example Plextor 24/10/40A and Matsushita DVD-ROM SR8585 can’t read discs with twin sectors altough they can pass the checkdisk.

Even if most drives can pass the gameloader of the backup made by the newest BW of a Securom v.4 game, there are a lot of drives that can’t read these bakups without read errors (and therefore many can’t install from these backups). I have Lite-On LTD163 and LTR24102B and both of these drives can read the backup cds without readerrors and installs perfectly (just try to read the backup made by BW 4.2.1, and if you can read the whole disk without errors then the install will go just fine!!) If you encounter readerrors then you can’t install from that drive (Plextor and Thosiba drives can’t read without errors)