Securom 4.85 Issue

Well I was trying to burn Worms 3D (SecuRom Using the Twinpeaks method (with clonecd and whenever I play the patched image with daemon toolz or burn it to a cd it just spins and doesn’t start up. I then tried to copy it with blindwrite (4.5.7) but this only works when I have autoplay selected, and when I uncheck this it does the same as when I do it with clonecd. I’ve tried the images with both Daemon Toolz and by burning them to a cd-rw but neither works, unless I use autoplay (but I don’t want to use emulation).

I have an ASUS CRW-4012A which I use for everything, and an LG CRD-8522B for seeing if it works from not being in a burner. I can normally burn games no problems, but the new securom doesn’t seem to want to work no matter how I do it.

I really want to get this down, so if I’m doing something wrong please tell me (I followed the guide completely aswell).

I was thinking it was my bwa file so can you tell me also if its decent?

Your bwa file looks ok.

However, don’t bother trying to mount and run a twinpeak patched image on a virtual drive. It won’t work. Twinpeak patched images have to be burnt to a cdr/w and the game run from the burnt cd.

When you’ve attempted to run the game from your Asus cdrw, have you enabled either clonecd’s hide cdr media or alcohol’s ignore media type before doing so?

Further, since you’re using v. of ccd, do you have the ccd virtual drive installed (if you just used the default install it is installed even if not active)? If so, that explains your problems because the ccd vd is blacklisted by recent versions of securom.

Ahh, I never would have thought of that. I’ll try it out :slight_smile: Thanks.