Securom 4.84.84 Backup

Hi all.

I’ve got Conflict Desert Storm 2 and would like to back it up. The protection on it is Securom 4.84.84. Could someone please tell me the best way to back it up.

I’ve got a Pioneer DVD-104, Pioneer Slot DVD drive and a liteon 32123s overclocked to 40125W (I think that’s the new model, if not it’s what i upgraded with from here).

What software and settings would you recommend?

Also would a Liteon 52x be better that what i’ve got at the moment?

Sorry for so many questions.


Start here first. btw, I love that nick, it’s clever.

I have successfully made a working back up that works in my machine.

I downloaded BlindWrite Suite 4.2.5 and just read to an image. I then created a bwa file (read at 4x in liteon 32123s @ 40125w)

Then burnt at 8 speed.

Thanks for the info.