Securom 4.8 with LiteOn48125S and Teac40x

I have the following configuration:
Writer: Lite-On 48125S (<-- not 48125W, dunno what’s different)
Reader: Teac 40X (TEAC CD-540E)

I tried to copy NASCAR RACING 2003 Season, European Version.
I followed the info reported in the forum.
Well, I managed to do a copy, but it doesn’t work too good. I mean, the game starts but it requires about 10 seconds or more, and when I insert the disc the drive makes noise.
I created the BWA file thru the writer, reading at 1x.
I created the image with CloneCD.
Patched the image with Twinpeak, using default settings.
Then I burned both with CloneCD and Alcohol, both copies ‘worked’ but were slooow. Do you guys know a better method to copy Secorum 4.8x with this config?


use blindread / blindwrite in pw mode
so far has done ut2003, matrix and a few others
game loads in 1-3 seconds everytime in any drive

i do my bwa reading @ max and with outset last sector.
new version of the bwa maker automatically cut out the big spikes which is really handy and speeds up load time

using a 48125w to read and write