Securom 4.74?


How Can I copy Securom v4.74.00.0002?
Is UnSecurom for this version or other soft?

My burner LiteOn LTR-24102B!


That version is still doable but you’ll need to use the ‘Lite-On SecuRom [NEW]’ Profile. There were some problems reading this SecuRom version with a LiteOn recorder but that Profile fixed it. You can also use a different reader that can read the SubChannel Data and then burn it with your LiteOn drive. More information can be found here and the search has a lot of topics on the problems I described.

Is this game after The Thing? Use another reader and write with the 24102B. If it’s after The Thing, use Blindwrite Suite

How can use Blindwrite Suite?

Is Unsecurom for this version Securom?


Heej man !

Well first of all, read the blindsuite page, it helps ! furthermore there is a howto bwa helpfile on ur HD where u installed blindwrite.
Here goes, you make an image of the ORIGINAL cd with blindread, read the subs to be sure (and its loads a fun ! :D)
Then make a bwa with bwabuilder, not found in suite but in startmenu !
Make sure the names of the image and the bwa file are this same, eg. ut2k3.bwt and ut2k3.bwa, also, place them in the same place, both under c:\ or whatever !!
Then start blindwrite and burn baby burn ! make sure you write the subs and do not tick enhance weak sectors !

At the endreport you should see something like : ‘written twinsectors blabla’

I do think that the moderators will not be happy with you discussing a tool to strip securom from its exe !
It modifies the data and thus is illegal ! :frowning: :frowning:

BUT : no, its not … I’ve tried it myself and the program DOES detect securom but on decryption/unwrapping it hangs.
I tried it under windows 98 and roller coaster tycoon (4.83.xx)
So your outta luck !


I’m trying to backup Roller Coaster Tycoon 2. If I have a drive that is not listed as a ‘Two-Sheep’ burner (Plextor 48x24x48), should I ENABLE the ‘Amplify Weak Sectors’ as according to most places have said to do this?



Yes, you should Amplify Weak Sectors. However, the next release of Clone CD is supposed to have a “Emulate Weak Sectors” feature to it, meaning you do not need a two sheep burner anymore. I don’t know how that works, maybe one of the admins know.

Okay great. I will try it then. Thanks for the quick reply!


@ Futureproof

Is this game after The Thing? Use another reader and write with the 24102B. If it’s after The Thing, use Blindwrite Suite

I found my Lite-On 24x unable to copy ‘The Thing’ with CloneCD regardless of the profile I used.
I downloaded a trial of Alcohol which had no probs…