Securom 4.5+/5.x.x



Hi, I’m backing up cd’s protected with securom 4.5+/5.xx with the method showed here and I’m using a plexwrite premium to do, so no twinpeak.

I was wondering of something, can I make backup of my backups or it will fail? If so, what must I do to make working backup of backup?



Besides legalitys, the fax of a fax principle can come into play, some agree some dont, but as one of the mods of the Alcohol forum put it to me: “A copy lacks the spark the original gives it to work in the first place”.

Trying it out is probably the only way you’ll know, the Plex is a great writer when it comes to Securom, who knows.


You copy the backup the same way as you did the original. It’s better to look else where for patches that remove the protection so it becomes a normal CD :wink:


@hqs Its better not to discuss such things as per forum rules.:wink:


well I don’t like stuff like cracks because you need a new one each new patch, this is why I bought a plexwriter premium in the first place, one of the best cd-writer known


Plextor premium backups are almost 1:1, so to make a backup of them simply do as if they were originals.