Securom 3 ? new new securom?

has anyone out there had any success yet with burning a new
new securom / securom 3 title yet???
new programs seem to be popping up each week and we seem to be getting no closer to finding an answer . so far were completely beaten !!!
i am fed up with coasters for beachlife/ industry giant 2 etc . etc.
worse still very often we dont seem to be able to even identify this protection correctly anymore with clony xxl etc???
are our days of easy 1:1 copies coming to a close??
i have tried all copying programs so far with not one success!!!
gentlemen we need a new version of clone cd !!!
oli where are you???

Comparative Testing

Got access to very many readers and writers? It’s quite easy with the right hardware. Disorganized reports, checking every box in site, the hunt for physical parameters. It’s all entertainment to me as I sit back being able to churn out as many first generation copies as I want. Granted I didn’t try to copy your games but I’d like someone to refute my findings. I was pretty much ignored.

Some nice test results there: just to add to you results, I managed to backup WC3 fine using a sonyDDU1621 to read and my liteon 24102B to write using standard game profile and max speed.

However I don’t think logicwatch is refering to the version of securerom found on WC3, which is not all that difficult to copy. There was another version found on NeverWinterNights 1.21 which made backups impossible, (although it has been dropped completely on the lastest patch, as it cased to many problems with original CDs also) It may be this “as yet uncopiable” version that is found on these new games, although I dont have any of them, so I couldnt say for sure.

so severach in your opinion what would be the best reader to employ to read securom 3 correctly before I burn it back using my liteon cdrw???
until recently my liteon copied securom fine but I think somehow in the last few months the protection has moved on rendering my cdrw drive useless against these newer versions.
Its a shame you dont have one of these newer titles if you could copy one of these that would be a real achievement!!!
awaiting your reply , and thanks for the support!

Ltd-163 but please run the tests I’ve suggested in this thread to see if your existing roms are capable of making a good raw image.

Just done a back up of The Thing, which according to various posts is the latest version of Securom with no problems just read with Plextor 2410a at 8X and wrote with Lite-On 24102b at max,
Used Ritek discs plays perfectly in my other machine with a Pioneer 117 DVD drive. Never had any probs with any Securom titles including N.Nights, WC3, Primal Hunt etc using this config.


Which CloneCD profile did you use to read and write?

logicwatch provided the answer to my query in the preceeding thread. Thanks logicwatch!