Security woe: Computer-screen spies

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From the sounds of this article it is not the hacker with is PC and shell account we have to fear, but the spie with surveillance equipment across the…

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Please,teach me how to outsmart them.

heet tempest is al oud nieuws
voor meer info er over

Take security very seriously, recenlty someone found my credit details and bought some privy stuff. The person bought stuff from Glasgow and i live 4 hours away. So dont believe these banks and stuff saying it’s “blah blah blah” coz thers always a way around it.

Think of this “People are astonished to find out what hackers have done, but think of what the real hackers (which have not been caught) do” no one knows that

I guess that means no more down loading porn in Billy Clinton’s Office !!!

Why? it’s probably Bill whos, D/L them anyway

hi hi hi you guys are all paranoia, isn’t it.

naaaa!!! Billy wouldn’t do that! there are still plenty of Monicas around!

Would billy get himself get blowjobbed and surf the web at one time??? Thats some nice way of surfing!!!

this is very old news…several years ago, I believe several encryption programs placed ‘special fonts’ within their programs in order to foil people who are trying to glance looks at your computer…I don’t remember the techie details, but this sounds very familiar to what I read over 4 years ago…

I agree RISC, security should be a high priority for everyone. I’ve had a plain cashline card (nobody sees it in shops or anything coz it wasn’t even switch), as I was at home (in Glasgow) someone in Bradford emptied my account over the course of a few nights!!! After 3 weeks the bank refunded my money refusing to offer an explanation. As for VISA fraud, a friend of mine does this on a daily basis. It is really easy coz his girl works in a shop collecting card details all day. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, here is the device which the above article refers to

It is based on the Van Eck device. All the security agencies are aware of these devices and most are protected against such “attacks”

as I said…

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this information is over 4 years old…WAKE UP PEOPLE!!