Security Protection of The Sims Double Deluxe



I’m new here and am still a bit lost!
I want to make a copy of my Sims1 Doulbe Deluxe for my wacko cousins for them to play! I can’t let them use the real one coz i would be without it in no time!
So i read somewhere we must install the game 1st and then see where’s the protection file! And then what??? How can i burn it to the new cd???
OMG feel sooooooo lost!!!


Welcome Frockie,

I deleted your post in this thread as double posting is against our forum rules. According to it Sims1 Doulbe Deluxe uses SafeDisc 2 knowing the exact version would be some help getting a working copy. Use this guide scanning for the exact SafeDisc version I would recommend using protection id to scan the installation folder of your game and post your result here. What is your CDRW/DVDRW drive/s brand and model which is important for a SafeDisc backup as it’s hardware dependent?