Security company claims it can hack fully patched iOS and Android phones from 500 meters

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Security company WiSpear claims it is able to hack fully patched Apple iOS and Google Android smartphone from up to 500 meters. The company from Cyprus claims it’s specialized in “long range Wi-Fi surveillance” and has developed its own special surveillance truck called SpearHead 360.

Very creepy.

They might want to read this:

It’s an interesting coincidence with the Wi-Fi Alliance only just announcing the finalisation of the WPA3 security standard. Then again, many devices past the update life-cycle will probably never get WPA3 support.

This hack also seems to depend on the victims having Wi-Fi enabled on their phones or getting close to someone’s home. I know some people who turn off Wi-Fi once they leave the house to try to extend the battery runtime. Most mobile plans here offer decent allowances (typically 15GB+), so there’s generally no need to resort to public Wi-Fi. Even tourists often pick up local SIMs to avoid depending on public Wi-Fi. So for anyone concerned - Just turn your phone’s Wi-Fi off.

That rule only exists on paper. In practice, the government doesn’t give a rat’s butt about anyone’s rights. In the digital ages, the fourth amendment doesn’t mean anything to these people.

You realize this affects more than just phones, right? In theory, this technology could be used to spy on any device that connects to WiFi. This includes IoT, laptops, desktops, set-top boxes, Raspberry Pies, game consoles, etc.

Also, as for WPA3, what the heck took them so long. Seriously, I remember using WPA2 back when Windows Vista was new. Given that WiFi routers loose their support about five minutes after one buys them, I find the huge delay to be especially disturbing.