Securing a CD

Is there any way that I can make my own CD’s I write secure to stop others from copying them successfully?


How do CD checking programs work as in if I was to write one for a CD how might you verify if it’s the original or a copy?


TZ Copy Protection 1.5.4:

Also, if you visit the forums, go to the general or development forum and download the exe protector BETA.

This protection won’t stop CloneCD + a good writer, but it works quite well otherwise.

If I got a dime for every time this question was asked, I at least had a dollar so far…

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aaa, but then it takes the whole point out of this being the ‘Newbie Forum’ heh :slight_smile:

Thanks AtomicX

Originally posted by arden0
aaa, but then it takes the whole point out of this being the ‘Newbie Forum’ heh :slight_smile:

No it doesn’t!

You can ask simple questions typical for a newbie, but I do expect everyone to do a little research themselves, rather than have others spend time in repeating themselves over and over and over and over and over again.

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