SecureRom new

Hi There. I got a problem: There some special option at clonecd to deal with secureRom new? I’ve tryed those you told velocity, and yet i can’t get a copy that works…do you have some ideia?
software i want to copy is the portuguese “diciopedia”, something like a portuguese ms encarta, 4 cd’s.

Thank’s and happy new year

SecuromNEW read settings -

Check both “read subchannel data” options.

Write settings -

Check Close Last Session
Check Justlink/Seamless Link (if your burner has it)

That should do it. Be aware that you need a subchannel capable reader and writer.

Good luck.

1st update to the latest Clone CD version

Readind the CD

read subchannel from data tracks
read subchannels from audio tracks

reading speed=8

Writing the CD

Burnproof/justLink (if you have it)
Do laser Power Calibration
Don,t repair subchannels
Always close last session

Write in DAO RAW

Have fun:cool: