Securerom 4.85 success

Tried everything, Clone, Blindwrite,Twinpeak with securerom 4.85

Then used alcohol 120% (trial copy). Use the embedded help- follow procedures identified after search for rmps in the help.

Copied the disk1 (simpsons hit and run) as per instructions. used clonecd on other two disks (straight default copies). Now works with no emulations


You sould be able to backup with CloneCD and twinpeaks, along with the BWA for the Simpsons Hit and Run.

used diamondview cd writer and the Twinpeak worked but the final cd would not work. Put in a Pioneer DVR107d and then BW wouldn’t read the cd- so then i went to alcohol and bingo

Simpsons Hit & Run’s Protection is on CD 1 only, so I assume the 3rd CD stuffed up when installing. What happens?

the 2nd and 3rd were straight ordinary clone cd copies so I assume no special protection.Did the work on the first cd.

need to correct statement before. I installed sucessfully on another pc to the one the copies were made (testing only)but needed alcohol emulation (turn all emulation options on to run.-)
Also when tried to install on ANOther pc had issues with reading the cd’s.