Securely erasing an optical disc before disposal

[QUOTE=AllanDeGroot;2200168]Why does anyone think UV light would have any effect? The burning laser operates in the near infared spectrum…

The laser is not designed to destroy the dye …

Older cyanine dye was quite sensitive to UV, … perhaps that’s where the idea started. Modern dyes are more robust … it takes a couple of weeks at least.

Are you sure you aren’t thinking about the really old Azo or Metal-Azo dyes? (Bright sapphire blue)

I actually prefer to use Cyanine dye CD-R’s as they are far easier to identify any obvious burning flaws or subsequent thermal dammage on the discs used for audio.

Convenient because the Sony and Maxell labeled “Audio CD-R” discs I prefer both use Cyanine dyes

I WISH I could get azo dyed discs, if only because they are such an eye pleasing shade of blue both burned and un-burned.


The best way to erase data on disc is keep it in a toaster and toast it. I can guarantee it becomes very tasty !

why so complicated? - get a wire cutter, cut a edge and done!