Secure USB - The IronKey

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In this article we will take a look at what the IronKey 1GB USB flash device is all about.

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What’s the point of this product when everyone can create Truecrypt filesystems on every standard usb memory key? They are also multiplatform with FAT. They will not self destruct, but the encryption is strong enough to make this requirement almost useless.

This is a nice device and I just purchased 4 of these items (4GB size). It’s my opinion these are not for the everyday USB Drive users but for people who have a security requirement for tamper proof data. There is absolutely no way you can retrieve data on one of there keys. If you don’t know the password you have two options, 1) Reformat it if that option is not disabled, 2) enter the wrong password 10 times and toss it in the garbage. There are some quirks like it loads 2 drives (a CD-ROM drive with the apps and encryption program, and the actual encrypted volume) so it this adds to your drive count. You must enter a user name and password to unlock the data volume. It does use the Microsoft USB drivers so othing special is required to configure it. There are two flavors of this drive, the standard drive and a corporate version (forget the actual name) which allows the company to reformat a locked key and not flush a locked key down the toilet. But this is a great drive for corporate data security. Again, not the best drive for home use and you can encrypt files with other free encryption programs to protect your home data if needed. But, if that’s what you want, then go for it. Also you may look into the Imation Pivot Plus Flash Drive which also has build in hardware AES encryption and is substantially cheaper. I have not evaluated these yet but plan to in the near future. -Joe
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The slow write speed is obvously because of the hardware encryption used. Copy speed is much more enjoyable :B

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