Sectors to large cannot burn

I tried to downlaod the Wedding date to my harddrive with DVD Deycriptor, and it worked but when I tried to burn it to a DVD-R it said sectors to large cannot burn. Any ideas on what to do? Should I buy larger blank DVD’s or is there a way to crack this? Please help

Are you using the DVDFab Decryptor?

I think the original DVDDecryptor just ripped, then you needed DVD Shrink to make it smaller.

Orginally I tried DVD Shrink first but I kept recieving programming errors, then i downloaded it with dvd decryptor that worked, but when i tried to burn it , it would not work

The easiest way: Download AnyDVD & CloneDVD from, install them, reboot and click on “Copy Disc”. It will work.

You did the process completely backwards when you used DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter.
Proper term for downlaoding is ripping the files to your hard drive.
Use Decryptor first and rip the files to a directory, this will remove the copy protection. Then use DVD Shrink to compress the files so they will fit on a single layer disk. You got the error messages in Shrink because the copy protection was still there. Decryptor failed because the files were not compressed to fit on a single layer disk becuase you didn’t use Shrink to compress them.

Remember, neither of these two progarms will ever be updated again, when new copy protection comes out, or problems with some existing movies,
you will be up the creek without a paddle. CloneDVD any AnyDVD have excellent product updates.

As Tru suggested download the free 21 trial versions of Any DVD and Clone DVD, it’s probably the easiest and most reliable copying software around.
Do some reading on them first especially AnyDVD because it works in the background, configure it once and you never need to worry about copy protection again.(Unless new protection is discovered, free update will be required)
Clone DVD both compresses and burns the movie, read the help file within the program, it should answer most of your questions.