Sectors per second (×1 CLV)

Does one know the sectors per second for each format that are read at ×1 CLV?:
Sectors per second at ×1 CLV:

  • CD: 75=(16bit×44100kHz÷8bits)/2352=75 sectors/second = 176400b/s.
  • DVD: 676. (calculation unknown)
  • HD-DVD: ?
  • BD: 2197. (calculation unknown)
  • HVD: ?.
  • Sony AD (ArchiveDisc) is proprietary anyway.
    *Other optical formats.

Link farm from VideoHelp:

DVD: 676 @ 1x
BD: 2197 @ 1x

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Thank you for the exact numbers.

How exactly were these numbers specified? How can I calculate these numbers? For CD: (16bit×44100kHz÷8bits)/2352=75 sectors/sec = 176400b/s.

For CD, it is due to the audio bitrate of CDDA (I wonder too, how the sector sizes 7203, 3234 and 2352 were specified).