Sector Errors?

When Using Nero 7 to burn a DVD occasionally it will fail data verification stating “Sector xxxxxxx on disc has different content to source”. Is there anyway to tell what sector corresponds to what data? So as not to reburn the entire contents of the disc.
Basically, i would like, For example, if i’m backing up a bunch of Mpegs to DVD and i knew which of the Mpegs didnt copy correctly, then on my next back up i could skip the files i know did copy correctly and just reburn the one that didn’t.
Is there a feature in Nero that i need turn on?
If nero doesn’t provide this info is there burning software that does?
I have having a coaster just because of a single sector. Btw how much data does one sector correspond to (bytes)? Also going back to my previous example if i have one sector error in an mpeg file, what might the result be? Is it possible that the error is small enough to barely make a difference to the mpeg, eg. a single corrupted frame, but the rest of the file plays fine?

Any light that could be shed on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, James

Get Nero cd dvd speed and scan the disc again. :wink: