Sector 262 on disc has different content to source



Hello, so after burning some DVDs using my new Asus DRW-24D3ST drive. I burned around 14 discs I got two with the Sector 262 on disc has different content to source errors after verification using the old Nero software that I am using Nero Express 8 Essentials. I have done a disc quality scan of one of the affected disks:

Note that I made another copy of the same content and it worked fine with showing errors.

Is this an issue with the burner or the media? Is it related to the burning software? The discs are Sony DVD+R.


P.S. I had large files on those disks with the errors. The first disc had a 4gb file and the second had 2 gb each.


Unfortunately this is newer Sony media, not “real” Sony anymore, but Ritek crap media. So expect bad quality, and low life span/durability.
The error rate in the first 1.5 gb is pretty high, which could explain the error.
If I were you, I wouldn’t write important data to these discs.


Thanks for the reply, Oinker. I switched to another Sony DVD+R case and this one has Sony D21 ID. Is this one any better? I will post a screenshot of the scan right after it is done.

I will keep burning DVDs and see if I get this error again.


Looks a lot better, just compare the PI Errors averages and totals of the two discs, the Ritek discs numbers are about six times higher than the Sony D21 disc. The maximum is ten times higher (Ritek: 420, Sony D21: 42)!


On my other scan (the one that did not report any errors) with a DVD from the same spindle as the one above (Ritek one). It had 95 maximum. I guess some discs are good while are others are not?


Well, that’s one problem with Ritek crap media, they have a quite huge quality range (some good, often awful), but usually they all come with a low durability.


I do have to say that if the sector number being reported is correct, the error/warning is being thrown within the first megabyte of data. At that point I have to wonder if it is solely the media, or if it is an artifact of the drive beginning to read (like maybe it’s still reaching the proper rotational speed for reading or something similar, which is possible and has occasionally caused artifacts with other drives). Maybe a second opinion would confirm or disprove this possibility.

For that matter, sector 262 may just be part of the area containing file system information or the disc structure, and it’s possible this won’t affect anything. (Might just be caused by the way the drive prepares the disc?)

Anyway, did you do these discs at 8x or 16x?


Thanks a lot for the information.

Albert, I burn my dvds at 8x always. Even with my old Sony drive before it died. Though, I did not use much of those ritek disks on my Sony drive.

I will not risk it. I will continue burning using my Sony D21 disks. If I see this error again. I am going to report it here. So, anyone could benefit from the experience.

If your theory is right then the Nero burner should fix this issue right? I wish it was possible to redo the verification. The only way I could think of is simply making an ISO of the files and reverfying using ImgBurn which is time consuming.


You can use fc /b in a DOS box, or WinDiff to compare the files on your hdd and the DVD.


I computed the SHA1 hashes for the files and it was the same on both the DVDs and the hdd. I forgot to say that on the discs I had this issue on. The affected sectors were always between 260-280. On the first dvd the sector was at 26x and only one sector. The second disc was at 262 and the last one I tested had a range of sector errors in a row (27x to 28x).