Secrom protection with mac, what the **** do I do?

Its quite possible that I’m just missing something really obvious. As a noob mac user (pc’s are much easier!) I don’t have a clue how to “back up”
UT04 for mac.

According to, UT04 DVD edition (I assume this also applies to the mac version of the dvd) it is protected by SecuRom -
I assume a no-dvd patch is out of the question, anyway i can’t find one.

Is there a dvd/cd rom emulator like Daemon tools for mac? or should i try something different?

Thanks :smiley:

Hey and welcome to CDFs!

Just download and install the latest patch. Im sure that removes the SR. Then you can just do a normal copy.


True, the latest version of UT04 does not require the cd/dvd. Sadly that patch is only available for pc (last time i checked).

Sorry, your right.
There is no ant-copy protection on the mac UT04 DVD. It can be backed up with a simple dvd burner. the burnt version works fine.

Thanks for your help, and for suffering idiots such as myself asking dumb questions.