Secretary ~ James Spader

Hi all,
I have a 2002 james Spader movie named “Secretary” which i want to backup.
The problem is that no matter which program or drive I try to open the movie with the disc is not found in the drive/s
As usual, any help will be greatfully appreciated,

Try to clean the disc: dust and fingerprints can make a disc very difficult to read.

Is the disc heavily scratched? If the disc is not readable in any drive, then the only solution is to buy it again :frowning:

Hi Geno,

the disc plays in both my Blu-Ray and DVD players yet wont be recognized in my Sony Dual layer Burners… Also the disc has only been played once and in like new condition… :rolleyes:


For some reason, it seems that your burner doesn’t like that disc. It happened to me too, and the only solution I was able to find is to rip the disc with a different drive. If you don’t have other drives to use, ask to a friend to use his/her computer to rip the disc :slight_smile:

What region code is the DVD? What region code is your burner and your software set for?

For the record, just commenting on the disk reading issues here, not copying…

Do as geno says and clean the disk. While you’re at it, clean the burner, too.

If that’s no good, return it. Your burner can not read the filesystem/TOC it seems.



I went back and cleaned the disc for a third time and although one of my Sony AW-Q170A DL burners still wouldnt detect it the other one did so once again thank you all for all your help.