Secret pirate DVD factory raided in UK

I just posted the article Secret pirate DVD factory raided in UK.

 Trading Standards officials raided a  'secret DVD factory' yesterday, which supplied pirated films to illegal outlets  across East Anglia. Not a bad selection either, with titles such as;...
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not like one of those public pirate dvd factories then?

ARRRR don’t let 'em get yer DNA either, matey! They’ll track ya down like a scurvy dog.

"not like one of those public pirate dvd factories then? " OMG LOL, I read that like 2-3 times before it got all the way thru to my head… LOL

I’m guessing it wasn’t a well kept secret…:X

They have sting operations in most parts of UK to try and counteract piracy. I guess somebody forgot to lock the “shop’s” back door or checked if their telephone line is bugged…

haha heres a clip from the Anglia news website , what a crock Pirate DVDs are usually sold through car-boot sales and various under-the-counter deals. Such DVDs are usually easy to spot by substandard packaging, poor picture and sound quality, lack of bonus features and occasionally foreign-language subtitles on screen. Pirate DVDs are also often made from low quality materials and may break up in the drive, which may also permanently damage the DVD drive used to play them.

rofl, they’re illegal AND low quality ! Don’t buy them !11 Please :frowning:

Ah! So we should be careful to get our Pirate DVD’s from a ‘Secret High Quality pirate DVD factory’ instead of a ‘Secret Low Quality pirate DVD factory’ Anglia News seems to have gotten it’s DVD’s from :B