'SECRET' new version (111b ?) of DVD2ONE

For those of you who did not know, a new ‘secret’ version of DVD2ONE has been released.

There is no mention of it on the DVD2ONE website, and the version number (111) is the same, however the FILESIZE is different (115k as opposed to the 110k of the previous version which has the same filename- dvd2one111.exe)

I read some other threads on the forum, that confirm this, and i checked my ‘older’ ver 111 against the ‘newer’ 111 and confirmed that the filesizes are different.

This situation reflects very badly on the dvd2one team.

We as customers have to demand better. Take note.

Originally posted by ReneB
[B]We just fixed another thing this morniing and putted a new release online BUT WE DIDN’t change the version number!

So please re-download the file from our site and try again!. [/B]

Strange…I found this post some days ago…pls be more patient…

I am tired of reading this kind of thread.
If you are not happy with the program don’t use it. If the author of the program thought of not giving out a new version to the public means that s/he has its reasons for so. Just because you bought the program does not gives you the right to demand all that from the author of the program. When you buy a Microsoft program you buy as it is, they will update when they want and you have to accept that. Please be more patient and respect the work of other people.

PS. No, I am not associated with the author of the program.

I also find this very interesting (and a little strange)…

It’s actually the third (!) build of version 1.1.1.

I don’t know why Erwin does not inform the users what has been changed. Maybe it’s quality improvements or important bigfixes.
I’m sure the users would like to know…

What the heck is going on here I now have 3 different versions of 1.1.1. What is the big deal of changing the file name and add another version???

more than likely these changes are just serial-blacklisting

Indeed that has everything todo with blacklisting no more no less. Stop making a fuzz when it’s not nescary.

If a major release is done we will tell you!