Secret DVD+RW DL vendors?

Are there some rare DVD+RW DL vendors?

The DVDRW DLs never went into commercial production. Their backward compatibility would be very poor (because of the poor reflectivity), there was no real market demand for them and the BD-RE format was already on its way out.

• The reflectivity of a recorded area on DVD-RW DL media is relatively low in comparison to DVD-ROM/-R DL discs.
Therefore the backward read compatibility with legacy DVD logical units is worse than the case of DVD-R DL discs.
DVD-RW_DL.pdf (228.9 KB)

  • So how did CD-RW (gladly) succeed?
  • If there is no consumer DVD+RW DL, isn’t there any DVD+RW DL for techies and laboratory testing purposes?
  • Don’t DVD burners at least read DVD+RW DL with their available laser light power? If not, then a software/firmware hack could enable this capability.

There was simply no need and no demand for DVDRW DL formats. Optical discs started to get replaced by solid state memories, cloud services, streaming services, etc. at that time (2004-2006).

Good luck getting any samples. Next to impossible.

I do not think it was so simple and even if it was, it was obviously not worth the effort. DVDRW DL formats were DOA.

Optical media still has many, many advantages, just like HDD and SSD.
Even movie streaming does not nearly reach the quality level of BD.
Offline software distribution and data archival, just to name a few.

Yes, but these needs were and are served by already existing media types.

I see.
Optical discs are unfortunately not getting the acknowledgement they deserve.

HD-DVD died, because it did try to compete against BD-MVi.
If HD-DVD, DVD-RAM and DVD+RW DL were marketed in different ways, they could exist today, just for different usage purposes.
Just like DVD-R and DVD+R: They share the marketplace in perfect harmony. Both gladly exist simultaneously. Why did HD-DVD not achieve the same with BD?

DVD-RAM is rare these days.

Imagine, USB sticks would replace SD cards.
SD cards have their purposes.
Same for SSD against HDD.



How much laser lens power (mW) is needed to read/write RW DL?.