Secondry HD will not recognise CDR/RW drive

The Problem! I recently upgraded to Windows xp plus a new, bigger hard drive. Great! However, I have two treasured and irreplaceable programs that will not run on xp no matter what. (incl all various compatability settings). To get round this, I decided to refit my original hd and switch to that just to run these programs on 98se. It works good in theory, accepting that the 2nd hd won’t recognise either my graphics adaptor or my cd rom drive. I could load the graphics drivers but without a cd rom it’s a little bit difficult. I’ve tried copying the files via the new hd but it don’t seem to work. I also need a driver for the cd rom, namely ATAPI CR/RW 32X10 T-GA.
Any ideas please??:bow:

I would try downloading the latest driver for your video card. Then install them.

As far as the cd-rw problem, we need to know what configuration you are using :

Primary Master: ?
Primary Slave: ?
Secondary Master: ?
Secondary Slave: ?

How do you have the “switch” setup?

Thanks for your reply.
2nd drive is set as primary slave. Sorry, don’t understand ‘switch setup’ Is this the same thing? I have drivers for the graphics card - just can’t get them on to the 2nd drive.

switch=cable select, if im not mistaken :stuck_out_tongue:

installing graphix drivers must be done in each os.