Secondary IDE Channel

During boot after pc does memory test and then goes to where it shows hard drive info on being master and slave right after that i get a message that say

“Secondary IDE Channel no 80 conductor cable installed”

What does this mean…everything runs fine I have two hard drive installed…how do i fix this or does it not matter

It means that you’re using an old 40-pin IDE cable or a damaged 80-pin which limits you to UDMA33.

It only gives that alert when a drive capable of over UDMA33 is connected (which needs an 80 wire cable to support faster modes) and, as stated, the cable is either not an 80 wire, or it is, but is damaged or mis-installed (the BLUE end must go to the motherboard).

It also appears that some configurations may cause it, Hard drive with DVD-ROM slave NOT identified in BIOS seemed to cause it, cleared up when I autoset all the drives in BIOS

If you have two UDMA66 or better Hard disks, and are splitting them between primary and secondary, both cables should be 80 wire - a lot of myth surrounds 80 wire cables, but there doesnt seen to be any reasong you shouldn’t use them with lower speed drives.

80 wire are ALWAYS cable select (CS) capable, the far end is Master, and the middle is SLAVE, and best advice is to retain that arrangement.

Usaing a pair of 80 wire cables, and all drives set to CS, you never need to worry about setting Master/Slave jumper, or chenging them if you rearrange the drives - I’m a convert to CS mode, after not really trusting it before.

Ok so how do I check the cable and know if it bad or weater its 40 or 80 conductor

To me the way it sounds is that i need an 80 and only have a 40 conductor cable…correct me if im wrong or tell me how to figure out please

The way this is wired up is that hdd are on one ribbon cable and rom and burner are on another(master and slave of course)

everything works fine it has said that for a while but I overlooked it cause no problems…But i thought someone on here could tell me what this means and what I need to do

since u have, most likely, CD devices on the secondary ide port the 80 wire cable makes zero sense - CD devices employ UDMA 2 mode (ATA33) and that’s all about the story. NO need for an 80 wire cable…

What Writer/ROM? - the only ATA/66 optical I’ve heard of is the Sony DRU710A.

Visibly, the pitch of an 80 wire cable is a lot smaller, half that of a 40 wire IDE or a floppy drive cable.

What it MEANS, is that something that could use a higher transfer rate, is being held back by the lack of 80 wire support - or ther could be a configuration error - eg. the BIOS is set to do greater than ATA/33 (UDMA 2) on a drive that doesn’t support it.

You’re sure the hard drives ARE on the primary?

I’d be inclined to go through the BIOS “detect drives” and ensure that it does have everything where you think they are, and it will also set the correct modes.

Just an update…getting an error that says

“Secondary IDE Channel no 80 conductor cable installed”

I figure with the replies i have gotten and know my burner say IDE1004 I changed it out just know with an 80pin cable and it worked…no more message…thanks to everyone for the help

Indeed u have a very funny burner name - not to say very exotic! :confused:

its is an emperex4x± drive(same thing as BTC)

Works real good for the $50 US that i paid year and half ago…never one problem…although Im thinking about new pioneer108