Secondary IDE Channel Code 10



Hello. I seem to have a very annoying problem now.

It first started when I installed my new lg gsa-h22n that I got from Factorydirect. Up until I did that my computer cd drives were alright. Afterwards I found that autorun wouldn’t work on the new drive. I didn’t think much of it until I burned a new data dvd and found that the speed was noticably slower then it should have been and that the dvd that I had just burnt wouldn’t be read by the drive (dvd+r if it matters). The wierd thing is that the drive previously was able to read other dvd+r media and dvd video media. And now I found that it could read no media, even though the Nero CD-DVD Speed program could pick up on it. When I had run that program I found that my burst rate was a measly 20MB/s.

So what I did was I uninstalled and then looked for the device driver with device manager which didn’t work. I found a link to the same driver online (not v1) and installed it to no significant effect. I tried to unplug the drives which didn’t work (I also have a CD-RW drive attached which is now giving me problems as well). Finally I read that uninstalling the Secondary IDE could help with both the drives so I did so.

Which led me to the problem I am at now where it recognizes the presence of the Secondary IDE Channel but it says in the Device Status

“This device cannot start. (Code 10)”


Secondary IDE Channel uninstalled, added, code 10 instead of shoddy CD-RW and lg gsa-h22n performance after I installed the lg drive yesterday.