Secondary HD not found =(

To anyone who can help me. I’ve got a travelstar 60GB HD that came out of my old laptop that I put into an external enclosure. I would like to reformat it and use as storage with my new laptop the problem is when I plug it into my laptop it doesn’t show up anywhere. Any help would be greatly apreciated

Go to disc management. (right click on My Computer, select “manage”)

If it doesn’t show up there, then you’ve got an issue with either the drive or the enclosure. If it does show up, then format it and you should be set.

What external inclosure do you have and what computer? Some inclosures will run without external power but I have had a few that need more power than the laptop can output to the USB. If it does not have enough power it probably will not recognize it.

I’ve got a presario m2000 with win xp don’t know what kind of enclosure but when I plug it in it does powerup just can’t find it anywhere

I have a Presario 2108. If I plug an external drive into it without an external power source IE. a separate power supply for the external drive it begins the process of powering up but still does not show up on the device manager.

would a firewire supply more power than usb? I think thats my problem not enough power

I’m not sure but I do not think that will make a difference as the power from the laptop comes from the battery.
That is why you need an external power supply like a transformer for the external case. What make and model of external case do you have? Does you external case have a port to plug in a power supply? I have one that does not have an external power supply. What I have used with that one is a Belkin notebook card that has a transformer that supplies power to the card.

I have a usb wall adapter for my ipod which has the same power output needed for my hard drive would this work or should I not try

as long as the Power supply has the same voltage DC current and amperage is the same. Also polarity output. you should see something like this on both the transformer and the external inclosure.

thank you very much you’ve been very helpfull I got every thing working right =)

Glad you got it working! :clap: :clap: :clap: