Secondary burner for ND-3500

just wanted to ask which burner would you add if you already have the NEC ND-3500Ag mainly for ripping/scanning.
I think most would say BenQ1620 for DVD+R burnning and it does scan. How about Lite-on for scanning and ripping?
Any opinions are welcome,

liteon’s are ok for ripping. i have peaked at 12x on DL disks with it. for me the benq was way too slow on burnt media but some people like them. if all you need is a secondary and do not need a burning drive i would suggest an aopen as they seem to have the fastest ripping and the nec will soon have the scanning itself so no real need for a scanning drive

the liteon 1673s without a second thought :smiley:

The Benq can rip at 16x now after riplock is removed, which is possible with any firmware.